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Who We Are

ERS is the global standard for ecosystem restoration on the carbon markets**.**

What Sets Us Apart

Holistic Assessments

We believe local communities and biodiversity are more than just “co-benefits” of carbon projects —they’re an integral part of restoration efforts that truly work. To become certified, each project must meet rigorous criteria across three core pillars: ecological recovery, carbon, and livelihoods.

Stronger Project Safeguards

We monitor projects on an ongoing basis. Beyond traditional audits from accredited third-party experts (VVBs), we use next generation digital measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) —from satellite imagery to time-stamped, geolocated ground data— to make sure projects stay on track.

Ready for Tomorrow

We believe that certification should not be a stamp at a single point in time, but a continuous process, spanning across the lifetime of a project. Certified projects systematically update their design and documentation every four years to adapt to changing environmental and social conditions.

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