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Who We Are

ERS certifies ecosystem restoration projects on the carbon markets. Our standard is designed to empower efforts that combat climate change, uplift biodiversity, and improve livelihoods.

What Sets Us Apart

Streamlined Certification for Projects That Matter

We process applications in 6 months or less, so that projects can focus on what matters most: delivering impact on the ground. To become certified, each project must meet rigorous criteria across three core pillars: ecosystem recovery, carbon, and livelihoods.

Continuous Monitoring, Reporting and Verification

We monitor projects on an ongoing basis. Beyond traditional third-party audits by independent experts, we use next-gen digital MRV —from satellite imagery to time-stamped, geolocated ground data— to make sure projects stay on track.

Climate Finance That Lands Where It's Supposed To

We believe that more climate finance should reach the ground. That’s why we've established rules to ensure project budgets and revenue shares are publicly disclosed on our registry. By mandating transparency, our standard incentivises more equitable benefit-sharing.

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